Some recommendations to optimize your research

You do not have to enter the full name of the breeder or the kennel, a portion of it would suffice.

If you researching a kennel by it’s name you have to check mark "Kennel's Name",
If you researching by the name of the breeder you will check mark "Breeder's Name"

Caution when searching a kennel name, you must use the suffix as utilized not the "current" kennel name as you would describe it.
AAs an example, you would use "du joli bois" and not "le joli bois"
If in doubt in regard of the suffix, do not enter it. Using the above example you would then search as "joli bois"

If a search does not return any results, verify your spelling and if in doubt try a different spelling. Caution with the accent! If a search for Vega return to you some names with Vega and some with Véga,
a search for Véga would return only Véga without consideration of the name without accent.

Be careful as well with names that may include some dash and diereses, the search tool is specifically sensible to these items.

We did try as much as possible to use the exact spelling of suffix and names but human error is always possible ....
Don't hesitate to contact us if you find some errors.

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